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McCarren Pool


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Larger than a football field, McCarren Pool is being brought back to life in the hands of Commodore Construction Corp. after laying empty in Brooklyn since 1983. As the largest of more than 10 swimming pools opened in New York at the height of the Great Depression, its debut was momentous. The brainchild of then master builder Robert Moses, the massive pool – the size of four Olympic-sized swimming pools side-by-side – could comfortably accommodate 6,800 swimmers simultaneously, and successfully provided the community with a distraction and respite from the tumultuous economic times.

Seventy-five years later, the pool is being restored to its former glory and undergoing a renovation with modernized amenities to revive this historical gem. The city of New York sel­ected Commodore to be the general contractor on this Wick’s Law restoration project heading up a team of 35 subcontractors to restore this monument of a bygone era. The project is a particularly exciting one for Commodore as noted by founder Gerry Boyle, who commented that the project’s unique history and status is a source of pride for the construction company and its subcontractors.