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Government Buildings 

Federal Reserve NYC

Federal Reserve NYC

United Nations NYC

United Nations NYC

Federal Reserves - NYC


Location: 33 Maiden Lane Floor 6

Date: Oct 2015

Trades: Drywall and Carpentry

FRBNY - 5B Demo 

Location: 33 Liberty Street Floors 4-6

Date: Jan 2015

Trades: Concrete, Masonry, Fireproofing 

New York State Olympic Regional Developmet Authority


Location: 225 - 233 Park Ave. South 

Date: May 2015

Trades: Concrete, Masonry, Plaster, Fireproofing, Waterproofing 

United Nations

United Kingdom Mission Floors Basement & 27 - 29

Location: 885 2nd Ave. 

Date: April 2017

Trades: Bulletproof, Concrete, Masonry, Fireproofing, Drywall and Acoustical 

United Nations - NYC Headquarters 

Location: 405E. 42nd Street NY

Date: May 2011

Trade: Concrete 

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