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Governor's Island

Governor's Island

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Governor's Island

Governor's Island



National Geographic NYC

National Geographic NYC



Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation


Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Location: 625 5th Ave.

Trades: Concrete and Masonry 

Columbia University

Alianza Building - MEP Fitout

Location: 530 West 166th St. 

Date: February 2017 

Trades: Drywall, Acoustical, Concrete, Fireproofing 

Columbia University - ALT 1 Restack 

Location: 3585 Broadway - 9th & 12th Floors 

Date: August 2017

Trades: Masonry, Drywall, Acoustical, Millwork, Painting, Tiling 

Columbia University - Manhattanville 

Location: 131St and 12th Ave 

Date: June 2014

Trades: Drywall, Acoustical, Carpentry, Concrete, and Masonry 

Federal Reserves - NYC


Location: 33 Maiden Lane Floor 6

Date: Oct 2015

Trades: Drywall and Carpentry

FRBNY - 5B Demo 

Location: 33 Liberty Street Floors 4-6

Date: Jan 2015

Trades: Concrete, Masonry, Fireproofing 

Ford Foundation

Infrastructure Package

Location: 320E 43rd Street New York

Date: January 2017

Trades: Drywall, Acoustical 

Fit-out & Atrium Package

Location: 321 East 42nd Street 

Date: May 2017

Trades: Concrete, Masonry, Fireproofing, Brick Pavers 

Governor's Island

Governor's Island 

Location: Governor's Island NY

Date: December 2013

Trades: Demolition, Concrete, and Landscaping 

Museums / Exhibitions

MoMA Expansion 

Location: 11 West 53rd St.

Date: April 2016

Trades: Concrete, Masonry, Fireproofing, Demo, Flooring 

MoMA Design Store 

Location: 11 West 53rd St. 

Date: May 2016

Trades: Drywall and Acoustical 

MoMA - Expansion Project

Location: 53 West 53rd St

Date: December 2015 

Trades: Masonry 

National Geographic - Ocean Odyssey

Location: 225 West 44th Street

Date: February 2017

Trades: Concrete, Masonry, Fireproofing 

New York University

NYU - Skirball Center for the Performing Arts  - Location: 560 First Ave - Date: March 2017 - Trades: Drywall, Concrete, Masonry, Carpentry, and Selective Demo

Kimmel Center for University Life - Bathroom Pods - Location: 424 East 34th Street Floors 8 - 18 - Date: April 2017 - Trades: Carpentry, Taping, Caulking, Tile, and Painting 

NYU Rogers Hall - Location: 6 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn  - Date: August 2017 - Trades: Concrete, Masonry, Fireproofing, Drywall, Acoustical, Demo, Painting, Coatings, Flooring, and Roofing

NYULMC - Science Building - Smilow Site-work - Location: 435 East 30th Street  - Date: August 2017 - Trade: Concrete, Masonry, Fireproofing, Drywall, Steel, Waterproofing, and Stone

NYU - Smilow Research Center - Cellar Rebuild - Location: 522 first Ave. - Cellar  - Date: March 2016 - Trades: Concrete  

NYU - Essex  - Location: 175 Delancey Street - Date: July 2017 - Trades: General Clean Up

NYULMC - HCC MEP Infrastructure  - Location: 550 First Ave. - Date: April 2016 - Trades: Carpentry, Concrete, Masonry, and Fireproofing 

NYU Sprinkler Upgrade - Location: 240 Mercer St. Floors 1-20 - Date: May 2016 - Trades: Acoustical and Drywall 

NYU D'Agostino - Location: 110 West 3rd Street  - Date: June 2015 - Trades: Concrete, Drywall, and Acoustical 

NYU Hayden Hall - Location: 33 Washington Square West - Date: Sept 2014 - Trades: Concrete, Plaster, Fireproofing 

NYU - Tisch Cellar - Location: 550 First Ave.- Date: 2013 - Trades: Masonry and Concrete 

Rockefeller University

Rockefeller University - River Campus

Location: 68t Street & York Ave.

Date: June 2017

Trades: Site-work, Concrete, Fence, Electrical, Plumbing, and Pavers 

Rockefeller University - Enabling Project 

Location: 1230 York Ave.

Date: July 2016

Trades: Concrete, Masonry, and Fireproofing 

Rockefeller University - Health & Wellness 

Location: 68th Street & York Ave.

Date: August 2016 

Trades: Masonry 

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House 

Location: 405 East 73rd St. Cellar - 11th Floor 

Date: March 2017

Trades: Concrete, Fireproofing, and Masonry 

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