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Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor

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Macy's NYC

Macy's NYC


Apple - Retail Redevelopment 

Location: 767 5th Ave.

Date: September 2017

Trades: Foundation Concrete 



Location: 330 Hudson Street Floor 15 & 16

Date: April 2015

Trades: Drywall, Acoustical, Concrete, Masonry, and Fireproofing 


Gucci Retail 

Location: 200 Vesey Street

Date: Sept 2015

Trades: Concrete

Line Friends

Line Friends - US Premier Store

Location: 1515 Broadway - Time Square 

Date: May 2017

Trades: Drywall, Acoustical, Concrete, and Fireproofing 

Lord & Taylor 

Location: 1440 Northern Blvd. Queens 

Date: March 2017

Trades: Drywall, Ceilings, Concrete, and Fireproofing 

Lord & Taylor 

Location: 424 Fifth Ave. 

Date: March 2013

Trades: Drywall, Ceilings, and Concrete 


Macy's Basement

Location: 151 West 34th Street Basement

Date: Feb 2015

Trades: Concrete and Masonry


Macy's Stock Room

Location: 151 West 34th Street 10th Floor

Date: Jan 2015

Trades: Drywall, Plaster, Masonry, and Fireproofing 

Macy's Bathroom

Location: 11 Penn Plaza - Floor 13 & 14

Date: Jan 2015

Trades: Drywall 

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