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MetLife Stadium 

Work performed: Concrete 

The new home of the New York Giants and the New York Jets was completed in 2010 where Commodore Construction was hired as a subcontractor to Skanska to place the site concrete work including multiple colored and custom inset sidewalks, curbs, and reinforced planter walls. The stadium is the first of its kind to house two separate NFL teams that share a 50/50 partnership in the stadium. The design of the stadium is open to the air, and the facade is made up almost entirely of louvers and decorative lighting that can change with ease to match the colors of the team that is playing.

MetLife Stadium Parking
Preparing for concrete
Forming of Foundation
Stadium Foundation

Externally, the arena’s basic shape is that of three articulated bands, and features a glass curtain wall covered by a “latticework” made up of 12,000 preweathered steel panels, which are meant to evoke the image of Brooklyn’s brownstones. An 117-by-56-foot “Oculus” extends over a 5,660-square-foot section of the plaza outside of the main arena entrance, and contains an irregularly-shaped display screen that loops around on the inside of the structure.

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